Timber Framed Greenhouses

Our beautiful Range of Victorian Timber Greenhouses are hand crafted by our team of skilled tradesmen, here at the heart of England. We manufacture our greenhouses as standard in two models. Our Wiltshire model is 6ft8” wide and comes with a single 2ft door. Our Hampshire model is 8ft9” wide and comes as standard with a pair of double doors.

All the materials used are carefully sourced from reliable companies and all the timber used from forestries is managed to FSC and PEFC standards.

Clearview Timber Greenhouses are manufactured from:

  • 5th grade redwood pine frame work
  • 5th grade redwood shiplap boarding
  • Treated with new generation Tanalith E preservative
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Internal doors are fitted with a black tower bolt for added security
  • External facing doors are fitted with a 3 lever mortice lock
  • Windows are glazed with toughened safety glass
  • High quality silicone

Clearview Timber Greenhouses are available in choice of 8 superb colours and various sizes.

Our chosen timber is hand selected 5th grade red wood pine. Timber is graded in numbers IE, 3rd / 4th / 5th and unsorted. The lower the grade the poorer the quality. We use Russian 5ths which is the highest quality pine available. It has smaller and fewer knots than the lower grades and has a tighter grain for better stability with less natural movement.

To ensure our Greenhouses are fully protected against all different types of fungal, decay and insect attack we have our timber treated with the next generation Tanalth E preservative which provides protection for 15 years.

We use stainless steel nails and screw throughout our whole manufacturing process to stop any corrosion and unsightly rust stains.

During manufacturing we sand all open end grains and give two coats of end grain sealer which provides a water based barrier that penetrates in to the grains and seals it reducing moister uptake by 90%.

With a patented formula the knotting we use was designed to block the most resinous knots from affecting the final paint film.

The first coat applied is of a water borne primer that contains a knotting inhibitor and is made up of nano particle technology to increase the penetration depth ensuring outstanding protection.

The final two top coats given are also water borne, micro porous opaque paints that allow the timber to move and breath naturally providing extra protective against weathering, UV degradation, mould and fungal attack. The proprietry technology minimises micro foaming in the final paint films, extending the coats durability and giving added clarity. The unique blend of water based acrylic polymers allow high film builds to be applied on the final coats to give extended life on our Greenhouses.

All toughened safety glass is used which complies with the British Standards.

We provide a 25mm thick plastic damp proof barriers with all our free standing Greenhouses that goes all the way around the bottom to keep the building off the ground out of any sitting rain water and we also provide a damp proof coarse for our dwarf wall greenhouses.

Please click the colour palet below to see the example greenhouse in the colour chosen


How to Order

For details of your nearest Clearview Garden Buildings Stockists, please call on 01709 252 322